The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

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Are you trying to choose which Disney World Guide Book to buy to plan your trip? A good guide book is so important to get the most out of your Disney vacation. There are certainly plenty of guides to choose from. You are faced with a huge choice and not all books are created equal. Is The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2009 the best Disney World guide book? The Unofficial Guide has been a bestseller for many years and it certainly covers a lot of ground in it’s 864 pages. So what makes it one of my top picks for Disney World guides?

It is very well researched. The authors use their extensive knowledge of Disney World coupled with feedback from their many readers. The anecdotes and reviews are really helpful. Not many books get a 5 star rating on Amazon but this one consistently does for good reason. The authors really know their stuff.

The Unofficial Guide covers the major topics such as where to stay,which rides are the best,the good and the not so good places to eat in a lot of detail. Some would say too much detail. This is not a quick read. If you buy this book be prepared to spend some time reading it and sifting through the information. See this as a reference book which you will need to study but can refer to time and again for detailed information.

Particularly popular are the Disney World touring plans which are included in the The Unofficial Guide . They will take you through, step by step, a tried and tested touring plan for each park. There are touring plans for single and multiple days and for those with children and adults. Many guests find these very useful.

Any negatives? Well just like any printed guide book it can’t be up to date. But this really shouldn’t put you off buying a printed Disney World guide book. To get the most out of your vacation you really do need one.

What is my equal first choice of Walt Disney World guide book? It has to be Julie Neal’s excellent The Complete Walt Disney World Guide

If you possibly can I would suggest buying both the Unofficial Guide and the Complete Guide. They are very different in style and I think compliment each other wonderfully. Why the Complete Disney World Guide? It has just the right amount of detail, is well researched, and has some beautiful pictures of Disney. Just the thing to get you and the family even more excited about your trip.

Want to know more about the choices of Disney World guide books? My book shelf is of course full of them so I have written a Disney World Guide Book Review for you.

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