The Perfect Cruise

October 31st, 2008 by Alison | Filed under Uncategorized.

I just got back from a week on a Carnival Cruise. It was one of the best vacations I have ever had – yes almost as good as Disney World. Next time of course it will be a Disney cruise – they have just released some very tempting deals for 2010.

I have one of my most loyal guests to thank for helping me decide to take the plunge and go on a cruise. So Kim – I thank you. I have been lucky enough to welcome some lovely people to my Orlando villas over the years and Kim and her family are always very special guests. I knew that she was a cruise fan so asked her advice. She was really helpful and having someone I trusted to talk to really helped.

We had a wonderfully relaxing time. All the children loved the kids club. The fabulous food. The hours spent relaxing by the pool. I didn’t even pick up my email! This is unheard of for me – just ask my family, I even sneak a look on Christmas Day.  But who could resist sitting on the balcony with a view like this?

Watching the World go by.......

Watching the World go by.......

But one of my most memorable moments what something that I overheard when we got back. We had stayed at a hotel which was close to the port and had returned back there to pick up our car. There was a couple who had just got off the cruise, and another who were just about to get on.

I sat there with I will admit feelings of envy towards the people just about to start the cruise. Yes, I could just do it all over again I thought. It was perfect.

The couple, who were excited to be just about to embark on their cruise adventure, asked the others what they had thought of it. ‘Oh. It had a lot of problems’. I was intrigued. Had they been on the same cruise? The service levels were excellent, the cruise ship wonderful. How could someone else have had such a bad time? I was amazed when I heard the reply.

‘You couldn’t drink the water and the coffee was really bad’.

Had this really ruined their cruise experience?

I hope so much that it didn’t.

But you know what? Maybe it had. When I plan a vacation, or indeed just about anything, I research it. I research it so much that sometimes it drives me crazy and I just have to walk away from the computer! So when I decided to go on a cruise I read a lot of reviews. In the end I decided to stop. What I realised was that for some it was almost perfect but for others it was the worst vacation they had ever had. Whilst some were of course justified in giving a bad review, others would probably not have liked the coffee or drunk the water anywhere but home!

I talk to people all the time who are looking for the perfect Orlando vacation home. Of course I think mine are perfect! But what I also know is that the most important thing is that a guest chooses the right cruise, the right hotel, or the right rental villa for them. So if it isn’t right then I will be honest. And by the way, I think the water tastes just fine………

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  1. Pore Cleanser : | 26/10/10

    actually i dream to have a Carnival Cruise in the next few years, i am still trying to earn more money to afford it~`~