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Windsor Palms Video

September 10th, 2011 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in windsor palms

WIndsor Palms Conservation View Pool

This Windsor Palms Video gives you a great idea what the resort and this conservation view home is actually like. A picture speaks a thousand words but a video shows you even more! Click to play this Windsor Palms video.

This video features just one of the homes which I have to offer. You can view this 5 bed 3.5 bath home by clicking this Windsor Palms link.

I also have a large selection of privately owned homes at Windsor Palms Resort Kissimmee. Here you will find 4 and 5 bedroom homes on this beautiful resort.

Why choose Windsor Palms? For most guests they choose the resort because they want to be close to Walt Disney World and they want a high quality home on a resort with lots of facilities. Don’t forget that the resort is also less than 30 minutes away from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. One of the most popular places to visit in Orlando is Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Islands of Adventure – you can be with your favorite Hogwarts friends in no time. These are the genuine tried and tested average driving times to all these amazing Orlando theme parks.

Animal Kingdom 8 minutes
Magic Kingdom 20 minutes
Epcot 20 minutes
Hollywood Studios 15 minutes
Universal Studios 28 minutes
Universal Islands of Adventure 28 minutes
Sea World Orlando 20 minutes

So why not try Windsor Palms? Once you have stayed at this amazing resort you will never want to stay anywhere else.

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Closest Vacation Home to Disney World

October 1st, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

Now how many websites have you seen with owners claiming to own the closest vacation home to Walt Disney World? A lot. So which one is actually telling the truth? I have seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites where everyone seems to be claiming to be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, the closest, the best, the cheapest, the biggest! So where do you start in your search for a great vacation home, and which ones really are the closest?

Want to take a ride on Spaceship Earth?

Want to take a ride on Spaceship Earth?

Well it is pretty easy to answer which the closest vacation home resorts are to Disney World. Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills. There was a reason that I bought a house on Windsor Palms right back when the resort was first breaking ground, and that was because I knew that I could say it had one of the closest homes you possibly could to Disney World without actually moving onto Disney World land ( and we all know that few people get that privilege)!

So how long does it take to get from Windsor Palms to Walt Disney World. Well the answer is it depends on which Disney park you are visiting! But you can step out of your door at my conservation view home on Windsor Palms, get in your car, and be in Disney’s Animal Kingdom parking lot in 8 minutes. I know because I have done the journey many times and timed it down to the last second! Now there are of course things that could get in your way. Like your 2 year old not wanting to get into his car seat, having to go back to collect your Disney tickets that you left on the kitchen counter, or having to wait a while longer while the Disney parking lot guy talks to the other guest holding up the line. Believe me these are all things that have happened to me, but broadly 8 minutes to Animal Kingdom. You can’t get any closer. Or can you?

Is Windsor Hills closer to Disney than Windsor Palms. Now I admit there is some friendly rivalry between the two resorts. Who can claim to be the closest? Well the answer is probably both. What do I mean by this? Well Windsor Palms is a relatively small resort compared to Windsor Hills. With some homes on Windsor Hills it will take you a little while to drive down the street to the exit of the resort. So the answer is – if we are timing this down to the last second, which believe me some people want to do, it really depends on which home within each resort.

But the bottom line is both Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills are so close to Disney that you can almost see it ( in fact from some homes you can see the fireworks).

What about driving time from either Windsor Palms or Windsor Hills to the other Disney parks and attractions. Magic Kingdom are around 20 minutes, Disney’s Hollywood Studios a little less at around 15 minutes. Downtown Disney is around 20 minutes – unless you get stuck at that traffic light just before the turn off which takes for ever – but that is another story!

So if you want to stay close to Mickey Mouse and Cinderella then click on the big envelope and find out more about the homes that I have to offer on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills.

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Orlando Villas Booked From UK

September 30th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

Are you wanting to book an Orlando villa from the UK? What do you really need to know to get the best deal? There are a number of ways you can do this, but increasingly guests are choosing to book directly with a villa owner.

Why is it a good idea to book directly with a villa owner? Well one of the most compelling reasons is price. You often get a much better deal booking directly with an owner. They do not have to pay the commission fees to an agent – sometimes up to 30% which can be a very big expense for an owner.

Another great reason to book directly with the home owner is that you know exactly which home you are going to stay in. No surprises when you get to the resort. Not many people are willing to book a hotel and let the travel company choose it for them – so why should you take this risk when you are booking a home near Disney World? You just don’t need to!

So are you able to book one of my homes directly from the UK? Well that is the beauty of the internet. My homes are well known to visitors worldwide. And I welcome many guests each year from the UK. I offer easy payment options either in dollars or UK pounds – so you don’t have to play the guessing game of what the pound is going to do against the dollar. You choose your currency and know exactly how much your villa will cost – with no hidden extras.

I also offer credit card payments. After all the recent events that have happened in the travel industry you want to know that your booking is secure. I have had a number of guests who have booked with me following the collapse of other travel companies. They thought those companies were secure, but unfortunately they learned that booking with a large company doesn’t always guarantee that your villa booking is safe. Yet another reason to book a home direct with an owner that you can trust.

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A Trustworthy Site To Rent Villas In Orlando

September 29th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

You know that feeling when you book an Orlando holiday home but you are still pretty nervous about what you are going to find when you get there? Making the right choice for your rental home close to Disney World can get overwhelming and confusing.

You know the best thing to help you decide which home to book? To see what other guests who have stayed in those homes before think of them! Well here is a lovely comment I got just last week from a guest of mine who stayed at my Windsor Palms 5 bed home:

We had a really great holiday and enjoyed especially your lovely house.
Perfect house in a perfect location – couldn’t have asked for more.
The girls loved the Princess bedroom, and the pool, and the games room.
We think it’s the best house we’ve rented – and Sue says she wouldn’t
hesitate to stay there again in the future.

And who can blame them – wouldn’t you like to stay in this fabulous Windsor Palms conservation home too?

Want a house less ordinary on Windsor Palms?

Want a house less ordinary on Windsor Palms?

I have been welcoming guests to my homes in Orlando for over 7 years now. And I confess. I a perfectionist. I want guests to really enjoy their stay whether it is one of my homes on Windsor Palms, Windsor Hills or Solana. I not only offer fabulous homes but I think I offer customer service which is second to none. If you book one of my homes you not only get a beautiful rental villa – but you also get the benefit of my many years of experience of visiting, writing about and researching Disney World and the Orlando area. Want to know how to get the best ticket deals? The best place to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks? How to save money on Disney dining? I can help you with any aspect of your stay.

Did you also know that I am known as EverythingMouse online? I have hundreds of pages of tips, photos and videos online all free to use and helping you to have a wonderful Disney World vacation. One of my most popular sites is Disney World Secrets.

So if you want more than just a vacation home near Disney then take a look at my homes! You will be more than glad that you did…….


Windsor Palms Executive Homes Florida

September 22nd, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

Looking for the best vacation home resort close to Disney World Florida? Then choose an executive  home in Windsor Palms resort.

Want to be close to Mickey Mouse?

Want to be close to Mickey Mouse?

A Disney World vacation is the trip of a lifetime, and more and more people are finding that booking a vacation home in Kissimmee is a great option for their family. Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills are the 2 most sought after executive luxury resorts in the area.  You simply cannot be any closer to the Disney World attractions. Just drive from your Windsor Palms home and you can arrive at Disney World Animal Kingdom in less than 7 minutes. Want to eat at a Disney World restaurant. Well you can arrive at the Animal Kingdom Resort Hotel within 8 minutes from your Windsor Palms home.

What else does Windsor Palms Orlando offer? Aside from beautiful resort homes with private swimming pools, the resort offers facilities which you would expect in a 5 star resort complex. Windsor Palms has a community pool and spa, children’s pool, playground, barbecue area, clubhouse, fax and internet facilities, sundry store, shuttle to the theme parks, tennis, basketball, table tennis, pool tables, volleyball, video arcade and even a movie theater.  You will never want to leave Windsor Palms – OK so that is a bit of a stretch of the truth as you are so close to the Happiest Place on Earth you may be tempted!

Are all the homes on Windsor Palms the same? Well they may have started out the same when they were built but they are certainly all individual with very varying standards now – from the basic to the top of the range luxury executive homes that I offer there is something for everyone on Windsor Palms.

Want to know more? Just hit the big Contact Me button to find out more about how you can make your dream come true with your very own Windsor Palms executive home in Florida

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4 Bedroom Orlando Vacation Villa New Features

September 6th, 2008 by Alison | 1 Comment | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

If you are looking for a great 4 bedroom orlando vacation villa to rent you really can’t go far wrong with my Windsor Palms home. You can’t get any closer to Disney World. You have the fabulous facilities of the Windsor Palms resort. The very best thing about the house? Well that would have to be that it is set on one of the most private lots on the resort. It is a very wide lot – 120 feet wide at the back and is set far apart from it’s neighbors. So if you are looking for relaxation and a sense of open space then this is the Windsor Hills home for you.

Wish you were here so close to the Magic?

Wish you were here so close to the Magic?

Now things have got even better. The house has just been updated with new floor tile, paint and soft furnishings.   I have brand new photos on the site for guests to check out just how great that view is at

Windsor Palms Orlando 4 Bed Home

So now is the time to take advantage of my Disney vacation specials for the month of September for this house. Book this month and get a great discount on an amazing Orlando vacation home.