Disney World Epcot

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Disney World Epcot

Disney World Epcot

Are you planning an Orlando vacation and wondering if Epcot should be on your list of ‘must see’ parks? Disney’s Epcot has the reputation of being the most grown up of the Disney theme parks. A lot of people have the idea that the kids just aren’t going to enjoy it that much. But is this really true and how did Epcot get this reputation?

Epcot stands for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney had a dream that he would create the ultimate place to live and work. So Walt’s dream for Epcot was far from what it became. But the Disney Imagineers took the essential ideas of Walt’s dream and turned them into one of the most innovative theme parks ever created. But you are still not sure if Epcot is going to be an exciting place to visit?

So what is Epcot really like? It is divided into 2 parts. Future World which explores innovation and creativity. Here you will find the headliner rides such as Test Track, Mission Space, Epcot Soarin and The Seas With Nemo and Friends. The second part is Future World – more of a World’s Fair idea with 11 countries around the huge lagoon. Here you will find Canada,The United Kingdom,France,Morocco,Japan,America,Italy,Germany,China,Norway and Mexico. Here you can take a trip around the world and visit authentic restaurants,browse local goods and visit architecture and attractions unique to each country.

So why did Epcot get the reputation of being so grown up? I think some of this is due to the feeling that the park is ‘educational’. It is a pity but perhaps this image means to some that the park just won’t be that much fun. This is so far from reality though! Yes, Epcot does have at it’s very core the desire to educate – but this is learning Disney style! Just don’t get the idea that Epcot is not a theme park. It most certainly is. And a very enjoyable one.

So what is there for children at Epcot? There is plenty to keep them happy in Future World. Epcot has some major attractions. Test Track is one of the most innovative thrill rides Disney has ever created. You will reach speeds of up to 65 mph on the fastest attraction in any Disney theme park. Or feel as though you really are flying over California on Soarin’. For the younger kids they will love The Seas With Nemo and Friends, The Lion King Circle of Life, and Turtle Talk with Crush. They can even Journey Into Imagination With Figment.

Epcot’s World Showcase has a lot to keep kids entertained too. All the family can enjoy browsing around the architecture – you really do feel as if you have traveled to the countries when you see the amazing buildings and meet the people from all over the World. Disney came up with a simple but very effective idea to keep the kids entertained. They can each collect a mask to color and then they travel around each country to get a stamp and a tag from each place. When they collect all 11 stamps they will get a certificate. My kids love this – you would not believe how many masks they have collected over the years.

Epcot also has one of the best fireworks displays – Illuminations Reflections of Earth. Make sure that you stay around to see this spectacular fireworks,laser and pyrotechnics show which is shown each day when the park closes.

So take a look at Epcot to see if it really is for you. Here I have a free guide with photos,tips and reviews of all the attractions:

Disney World Epcot Guide

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