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Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

September 30th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

Do you really want to know how to make your vacation to Disney World more affordable? I know the secret to finding the very best cheap Disney vacation packages. How about a luxurious place to stay close to Disney World for less than $10 a night. Now that really is the $10 challenge! Too good to be true? Well not if you book my Solana vacation home before October 31st 2008 for certain dates for 2008. Perfect for that last minute vacation to Disney World Florida.

You dont have to just dream you can really afford to visit Walt Disney World with this special deal

You don't have to just dream you can really afford to visit Walt Disney World with this special deal

So what is the deal? Well I was inspired when I was watching TV this evening. This doesn’t happen that often – and even less often am I inspired by an advertisement for a fast food chain! But they were offering a $10 challlenge – that it was cheaper to eat their fast food than it was to make it yourself. Now I am not about to tell you whether or not you really can buy a chicken meal or make it at home more cheaply. What I did get to thinking was I should create my own $10 offer. Well $9.95 anyway.

So how does it work? Well you may be thinking that you want to visit Disney World for your next family vacation – but you are not sure how to get the best value out of a vacation package. Well if you are planning on visiting with a large family or have a get together with a group of friends then this deal is going to make lot of sense. You really can have somewhere amazing to stay with it’s own swimming pool and spa, luxury furniture, free wireless internet, Disney Princess and Disney Cars room. Not to mention all the fabulous facilities of the Solana resort.

Want a special Disney World vacation package?

Want a special Disney World vacation package?

The deal is that if you book my Solana 5 bed 4 bath home before 31st October 2008 for most dates a minimum of 7 nights with availability remaining in 2008 then the deal is that it is available for just $995 for 7 nights. A big discount on the usual rate. The house very comfortably sleeps 10 people in 5 fabulous bedrooms, including 2 King master bedrooms. So that is a per person per night price of just $9.95. I think that is a fabulous $10 challenge!

Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can have a 2250 square foot home?

Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can have a 2250 square foot home?

Is there any small print? Well some, but not too much. Your stay has to be for a minimum of 7 nights and the $995 rate includes taxes and solar pool heating. If the gas heater is needed to heat the pool then this can be added at a rate of $25 a night.

So now you have your vacation home close to Disney World all booked. Need advice on how to find the cheapest and best Disney World and theme park tickets for you and your family? How to save money on food? Which park should you visit first? Where is the best place to find Cinderella at Disney World. With my other not so secret identity as EverythingMouse you get the best of everything. A great place to stay and great advice from someone who really knows her way around Disney World. What are you waiting for?

Live the dream and vacation at Walt Disney World Orlando

Live the dream and vacation at Walt Disney World Orlando


Orlando Villas Booked From UK

September 30th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

Are you wanting to book an Orlando villa from the UK? What do you really need to know to get the best deal? There are a number of ways you can do this, but increasingly guests are choosing to book directly with a villa owner.

Why is it a good idea to book directly with a villa owner? Well one of the most compelling reasons is price. You often get a much better deal booking directly with an owner. They do not have to pay the commission fees to an agent – sometimes up to 30% which can be a very big expense for an owner.

Another great reason to book directly with the home owner is that you know exactly which home you are going to stay in. No surprises when you get to the resort. Not many people are willing to book a hotel and let the travel company choose it for them – so why should you take this risk when you are booking a home near Disney World? You just don’t need to!

So are you able to book one of my homes directly from the UK? Well that is the beauty of the internet. My homes are well known to visitors worldwide. And I welcome many guests each year from the UK. I offer easy payment options either in dollars or UK pounds – so you don’t have to play the guessing game of what the pound is going to do against the dollar. You choose your currency and know exactly how much your villa will cost – with no hidden extras.

I also offer credit card payments. After all the recent events that have happened in the travel industry you want to know that your booking is secure. I have had a number of guests who have booked with me following the collapse of other travel companies. They thought those companies were secure, but unfortunately they learned that booking with a large company doesn’t always guarantee that your villa booking is safe. Yet another reason to book a home direct with an owner that you can trust.

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A Trustworthy Site To Rent Villas In Orlando

September 29th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

You know that feeling when you book an Orlando holiday home but you are still pretty nervous about what you are going to find when you get there? Making the right choice for your rental home close to Disney World can get overwhelming and confusing.

You know the best thing to help you decide which home to book? To see what other guests who have stayed in those homes before think of them! Well here is a lovely comment I got just last week from a guest of mine who stayed at my Windsor Palms 5 bed home:

We had a really great holiday and enjoyed especially your lovely house.
Perfect house in a perfect location – couldn’t have asked for more.
The girls loved the Princess bedroom, and the pool, and the games room.
We think it’s the best house we’ve rented – and Sue says she wouldn’t
hesitate to stay there again in the future.

And who can blame them – wouldn’t you like to stay in this fabulous Windsor Palms conservation home too?

Want a house less ordinary on Windsor Palms?

Want a house less ordinary on Windsor Palms?

I have been welcoming guests to my homes in Orlando for over 7 years now. And I confess. I a perfectionist. I want guests to really enjoy their stay whether it is one of my homes on Windsor Palms, Windsor Hills or Solana. I not only offer fabulous homes but I think I offer customer service which is second to none. If you book one of my homes you not only get a beautiful rental villa – but you also get the benefit of my many years of experience of visiting, writing about and researching Disney World and the Orlando area. Want to know how to get the best ticket deals? The best place to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks? How to save money on Disney dining? I can help you with any aspect of your stay.

Did you also know that I am known as EverythingMouse online? I have hundreds of pages of tips, photos and videos online all free to use and helping you to have a wonderful Disney World vacation. One of my most popular sites is Disney World Secrets.

So if you want more than just a vacation home near Disney then take a look at my homes! You will be more than glad that you did…….


Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

September 25th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Disney World

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty movie is almost 50 years old and the DVD is due to be released from the vault once more to delight a whole new generation. Princess Aurora is one of my favorite Disney Princesses.

The movie itself was made in 1959 and was a big gamble for Walt Disney. Surprisingly it wasn’t a great success when it was first released. It was Walt’s most expensive movie to date in 1959 costing $6 million. With the initial box office and of course all the subsequent DVD releases and Sleeping Beauty merchandise it has become one of the jewels in the Disney crown.

The famous castle in the at Disneyland is of course Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The original idea was that the castle would belong to Snow White, but the Imagineers decided that it should be dedicated to Aurora as the original movie was being made at the same time as Disneyland opened.

Sleeping Beauty was fully restored and digitally remastered for the release of the DVD in 2003. And now the Sleeping Beauty DVD is set for a new release on October 7th 2008 with lots of extra features.

So what does the all new Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition) offer?

All-New Digital Restoration With Enhanced Picture And Sound

All-New 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Surround Sound

All-New Once Upon A Dream Music Video, Performed By HANNAH MONTANA’S Emily Osment

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk through A Fully Immersive Virtual Tour

All-New Enhanced Dance Game With Help From Briar Rose’s Forest Friends, You Can Learn How To Dance

Never-Before-Seen Alternate Opening

Deleted Songs

All-New Making Of SLEEPING BEAUTY Featurette


Windsor Palms Executive Homes Florida

September 22nd, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

Looking for the best vacation home resort close to Disney World Florida? Then choose an executive  home in Windsor Palms resort.

Want to be close to Mickey Mouse?

Want to be close to Mickey Mouse?

A Disney World vacation is the trip of a lifetime, and more and more people are finding that booking a vacation home in Kissimmee is a great option for their family. Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills are the 2 most sought after executive luxury resorts in the area.  You simply cannot be any closer to the Disney World attractions. Just drive from your Windsor Palms home and you can arrive at Disney World Animal Kingdom in less than 7 minutes. Want to eat at a Disney World restaurant. Well you can arrive at the Animal Kingdom Resort Hotel within 8 minutes from your Windsor Palms home.

What else does Windsor Palms Orlando offer? Aside from beautiful resort homes with private swimming pools, the resort offers facilities which you would expect in a 5 star resort complex. Windsor Palms has a community pool and spa, children’s pool, playground, barbecue area, clubhouse, fax and internet facilities, sundry store, shuttle to the theme parks, tennis, basketball, table tennis, pool tables, volleyball, video arcade and even a movie theater.  You will never want to leave Windsor Palms – OK so that is a bit of a stretch of the truth as you are so close to the Happiest Place on Earth you may be tempted!

Are all the homes on Windsor Palms the same? Well they may have started out the same when they were built but they are certainly all individual with very varying standards now – from the basic to the top of the range luxury executive homes that I offer there is something for everyone on Windsor Palms.

Want to know more? Just hit the big Contact Me button to find out more about how you can make your dream come true with your very own Windsor Palms executive home in Florida

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Disney World Character Dining

September 8th, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Disney World

Would you like to dine with a Disney Princess? Or perhaps have breakfast with Mickey Mouse? Well of course you can on a Disney World vacation. But what is a Disney World character meal really like. And where can you find a character dining restaurant at Disney World?

Would you like to dine with a Princess?

Would you like to dine with a Princess?

There are a lot of choices for your Disney World character meal. From breakfast to brunch, dinner to lunch. Meals can be buffet, menu or family style ( where all you can eat choices are brought to your table). The quality of the food does vary but in general it is high – particularly for buffet food. Another advantage is that there are always special menu choices for children. So even the pickiest of eaters and going to be happy. Who wouldn’t be happy when Tigger is bouncing around the table, or a Disney Princess is asking what your favorite dessert is?

So how do you choose? Well the best way to start is to think which characters you would prefer to see. So if you want to see Mickey Mouse then Chef Mickey at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a great choice. Or if you want to dine with a Disney Princess then check out the Princess Storybook Breakfast in the World Showcase at EPCOT.

But one word of warning. Always double check with the restaurant who will be appearing. Don’t promise to your child that they are going to see a particular character unless you are really sure they are going to be there. No amount of mac and cheese will make up for the disappointment if Cinderella isn’t there like you promised!

You will find Disney character dining at each of the parks and some of the Disney hotels.

  1. Disney Magic Kingdom
    Cinderella’s Royal Table
    Crystal Palace
    Liberty Tree Tavern
  2. EPCOT
    Akershus Royal Banquet Princess Dining
    Garden Grill
  3. Disney Hollywood Studios
    Hollywood & Vine
  4. Disney Animal Kingdom
    Tusker House
  5. Disney Resort Hotels
    1900 Park Fayre – The Grand Floridian
    Cape May – Disney’s Beach Club Resort
    Chef Mickey’s – Contemporary Resort
    Ohana – Polynesian Resort
    Gullivers Grill – Swan Resort
    Garden Grove Cafe – Swan Resort

For complete information on the locations, menus and how to choose a Disney character dining experience I have written a Comprehensive Guide to Character Dining for you to check out free. It includes lots of great pictures and even videos who that you can choose which venue is the right one for you!

Disney World Animal Kingdom

September 7th, 2008 by Alison | 2 Comments | Filed in Disney World

What happens when you mix the Disney World magic with the world of the Animal Kingdom? You experience Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park! Over 1000 animals in a park of over 500 acres Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes the concept of an animal park to a new dimension. An original theme park and certainly more than a zoo – this theme park is a celebration of animals with more than a hint of the Disney magic.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a huge park – almost five times the size of Magic Kingdom. A visit can take some planning.

The Tree of Life is to Animal Kingdom what Cinderella’s Castle is to the Magic Kingdom. As you approach from a distance you slowly catch glimpses of the magnificent tree. As you get closer and closer you can see why this is considered one of the greatest Disney theme park creations. The Tree of Life is 145 tall with 325 individual carvings of animals in it’s trunk – all incredibly detailed. The Disney story and mythology behind the creation of the tree is that it was the first thing here in Animal Kingdom and it brought the source of water and life for the whole of the Animal Kingdom park.

Walt Disney himself always insisted that his animators learn as much as they possibly could about their animal subjects when creating characters for the Disney movies. He strongly believed that this was necessary to bring the animated Disney characters to life. The Disney attention to detail is certainly dominant in Animal Kingdom. Whilst many Disney themes are about make believe this one is rooted in reality. The Imagineers had to work with a new challenge. Real animals!

The Animal Kingdom is home to one of the most popular shows in all the Disney theme parks. The Festival of the Lion King show. The show tells the story of a traveling troupe led by the well loved characters from the Lion King. Spectacular acrobatics and show stopping musical entertainment have made this a must see.

And don’t miss the newest Disney mountain. Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. The structure for the ride is huge, and one of the most complex that Disney has ever undertaken. The result is worth it. You must ride Expedition Everest. Just get to the ride as soon as the park opens, or head on over to the Fast Pass kiosks to make sure that you don’t spend too much time in line. It is a very popular attraction!

My personal favorite is the Kilimanjaro Safari. Just to get a sense of the size of the land for this attraction it is 110 acres of space. Or to put it another way, the same size as the whole of Magic Kingdom! This is your chance to go on a safari without every having to leave the comfort and safety of your Disney safari vehicle. The attention to detail here is amazing. The Imagineers went on photo safaris is Africa to help them with the design process. The result is spectacular. You will see hundreds of animals in a very natural setting. Try and get to the Kilimajaro Safaris early in the morning. Not only is there less likely to be a long wait, but the animals are very much more likely to be active.

You can always see your favorite Disney characters at Animal Kingdom. If you would like to learn even more about the Animal Kingdom theme park then I have written this online free guide with more pictures, tips and even video of Expedition Everest!

4 Bedroom Orlando Vacation Villa New Features

September 6th, 2008 by Alison | 1 Comment | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

If you are looking for a great 4 bedroom orlando vacation villa to rent you really can’t go far wrong with my Windsor Palms home. You can’t get any closer to Disney World. You have the fabulous facilities of the Windsor Palms resort. The very best thing about the house? Well that would have to be that it is set on one of the most private lots on the resort. It is a very wide lot – 120 feet wide at the back and is set far apart from it’s neighbors. So if you are looking for relaxation and a sense of open space then this is the Windsor Hills home for you.

Wish you were here so close to the Magic?

Wish you were here so close to the Magic?

Now things have got even better. The house has just been updated with new floor tile, paint and soft furnishings.   I have brand new photos on the site for guests to check out just how great that view is at

Windsor Palms Orlando 4 Bed Home

So now is the time to take advantage of my Disney vacation specials for the month of September for this house. Book this month and get a great discount on an amazing Orlando vacation home.


Orlando Vacation Home Rental Companies – Should I Book With One?

September 3rd, 2008 by Alison | Comments Off | Filed in Orlando Vacation Homes

If you are looking for a villa in Kissimmee for rent then there are a lot of options. Are you confused yet? There are so many out there all with websites tempting you to book their rental home. They all shout ‘please book my home it is the best one out there’! So how do you choose?

You just want to have a fabulous vacation – not deal with trawling around the internet for days trying to find the best home!

You just want to have a great Disney World family vacation right?

You just want to have a great Disney World family vacation right?

The first choice that you have to make is are you going to book with an Orlando vacation home rental company, or will you book directly with the owner?

There are advantages and potential disadvantages to each approach. If you book an Orlando home directly with an owner then generally you will get a better rate than booking with a large company. You will also know exactly which home you are booking. No surprises when you arrive at the house and find out it is not located where you had hoped, or it just doesn’t look like the brochure. An Orlando home owner will also usually give you more personal service than a large company – well they certainly should do anyway!

But I understand that booking an Orlando rental home directly with an owner can also be a bit of a leap of faith. You have to trust the owner. You are trusting them that they have described the house accurately, and that they will help you if there is a problem when you arrive. You should take some time to build up a conversation with the owner. You can do this with email, but sometime the internet is a confusing place, so if you would rather they called you then ask them. Sometimes a 5 minute conversation can help more than hours worth of surfing on the internet. That is why I am always happy to talk to any of my guests and answer any questions they have – either on the phone or in person on the phone. I am here to make your vacation special. I adore Disney World and I personally love staying in my homes. I enjoy luxury and the best of everything so figure that my guests enjoy the same. I genuinely want to make their stay as exceptional as I can. So I work hard at it. All the time.

Lets face it. There are good owners and the not so good. Great companies and the ones that people tell me they have had bad experiences with. So how do you increase your chances of finding a great orlando vacation home rental? Well you book one of my homes of course! You didn’t think that you were going to be saved the shameless self promotion did you? Well of course I want you to book one of my homes, but I know that most of you out there probably won’t – for a start there aren’t enough to go around! What I know and want you to take from this is that you need to be happy with your choice. Look at the website. Is there care taken over that? Do you get quick and helpful responses to questions? Will they give you guest testimonials?

You will know when you have found the right house. Here’s hoping it is one of mine!