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Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills Discounts

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Are you looking for discounts on a stay at one of the best Orlando vacation villa resorts? Well late August and September is a great time to pick up a bargain. People ask me all the time ‘what are the best times to visit Disney World’. Well the answer is when it is least crowded and the weather is still great. When is this? From around the third week of August to the end of September. Just try and avoid Labor Day weekend if you can!

So to be honest it is a quiet time for vacation rentals in Orlando. But this is a great thing for those looking for an Orlando villa bargain. I have homes on Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills available at discount rates for August and September. So if you are interested – what are you waiting for. These are the best resorts in Orlando just minutes from Disney World. Contact me using the big envelope on the left hand side of this page and I will let you know just how great the savings are you can make on a Windsor Palms or Windsor Hills home………

Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills Resorts – No Hidden Fees

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Windsor Palms, Windsor Hills and Solana have facilities to rival many expensive hotels in the Orlando area. Vacation homes already make a lot of sense in offering value to families looking for a great place to stay. But when you also look at all the hidden extras which often appear on your hotel bill it makes Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills look like an even better option!

Hotels seem to have started more and more to ‘hide’ the fees that they charge. I am not sure why they think that we won’t notice when we check out that all of a sudden there is a long list of extras. Perhaps they know that by the time we check out it is too late to make other choices!

Recently I stayed in a great hotel in California. One of the best I have ever stayed in. But it came at a price! The room rate looked good. Well that is the ‘headline’ room rate. The one that you see before you start adding the tax, the ‘resort fee’, the wireless internet access fee, the extortionate phone charges…….

But the charge that made me most annoyed was the valet parking fee. $25 a day plus tips! Was there a choice? Not unless you were prepared to put your car in the parking lot across the busy street about a 10 minute walk away. Will I stay at that hotel again? Probably not as they just didn’t seem to be being honest with me about how much it was going to cost. Why aren’t they just upfront about it?

So an added bonus to staying in one of my vacation homes? The resort facilities are free. No charge for the Windsor Palms community pool, spa, tennis, gym,basketball, volleyball or even the movie theater! No charge for all the fabulous community facilities at Windsor Hills or Solana.

Many of the homes that I offer also have free wireless internet, game rooms (no need to feed the pool table with money) and free international phone calls.

Oh, and of course parking is always free. On your own private pool home drive.

So when you are working out the amount of money you save on an Orlando vacation home as compared with an hotel remember to think about all the ‘hidden’ hotel fees. You are not going to get a big shock at check out as everything is already covered. So just check in, relax and enjoy the benefits of your smart choice.

So What Is This All About?

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Now I do not usually suffer from writers block. I usually have a million and one ideas and the words flow off the page and after all this is how I make my living. But I have to admit that this was a difficult post to write. Why? Because it was the first one on my brand new blog.

I decided a while ago that the needs of Orlando vacation home guests were a little different from other visitors to Disney World. They have made a smart choice by deciding to rent a vacation home. But there really isn’t much out there to help them make a choice of home, or how they can get the most out of their vacation home when they get there.

So I guess this is a new place that guests thinking about renting a home, or those visiting for the 10th time, can come and see what Orlando has to offer them. You will find tips about homes, Disney World, Universal Studios ( yes there really are other parks in Orlando) and everything from where to find the best take out pizza to how to save money on your Disney World tickets.

The Most Magical Place on Earth

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